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Foot Care for Runners

Foot Care for Runners

Whereas an artist gives special care and attention to their hands, a runner must do the same for their feet. Think about it. Your feet withstand your weight and move you forward all day every day. Along with your knees, they absorb the most force while you run. There are a few general foot care rules to follow. Don’t run if your feet are sore in any way and replace old running shoes. To ensure a comfortable, quality run, you must listen to what your feet are telling you. Halloween is right around the corner, so foot care is extremely important if you want to effectively outrun ghouls and werewolves. 

Everyday Foot Care

Prevention is key when it comes to foot care. If you notice a problem with your feet, toes, or ankles, see your podiatrist immediately. Acting now will prevent future problems, such as lengthy treatment or developing a foot condition. If you enjoy running on dusty or muddy trails, wear technical running socks to prevent moisture from reaching your feet. Moisture causes painful blisters to form. And after a particularly dirty run, be sure to remove any residue from between your toes and under your toenails. Treat yourself to a pedicure or foot massage, pamper your feet since we ask so much of them. Keeping your feet moisturized with oil or lotion after a shower will also help prevent blisters.

Proper Shoe Fit

The number one rule when it comes to a proper shoe fit is making sure there is enough space in the shoes. A lot of people don’t realize that after running for longer periods, your feet swell a little from the force and friction inside the shoes. This is completely normal, but if there isn’t that extra space, your feet are really going to suffer. We recommend going up a half-size to allow sufficient space when your feet expand during a run. Black toenails, pins and needles, and numbness are strong indications that your shoes are too small. If it’s too late to swap for a bigger size, you can always try thinner socks or keeping your toenails cut short. 

Foot Exercises

Another way to take care of your feet is to strengthen them. The stronger your feet are, the faster and longer they can propel you forward. Foot strengthening exercises also help prevent injury, such as a rolled ankle. Some foot exercises include:

  1. Towel pulls - place a towel under your foot and pull at it with just your toes, for thirty seconds

  2. Toe grabs - grasp a pencil or marble over and over with your toes

  3. Heel drops - stand with your toes on a secure step and drop your heels below the step twenty times

  4. Toe raises - stand with your feet slightly apart and rise on your toes twenty times

  5. Drawing the alphabet - with your big toes, draw each letter of the alphabet on the floor; do this for each foot

  6. Clenching toes - try moving forward by just clenching and unclenching your toes

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